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Green initiatives

A commitment to Sustainability with no compromise on Highest Quality Standards 

Paramount’s Sustainability Policy aligns its commitment with the industry’s pioneering initiatives. Promoting “green initiatives” in the interests of our quality of life and that of future generations is a consideration that impacts on all areas of activity.

In fact, the industry took early leadership of sustainability. The use of renewable raw material and renewable energy has driven the industry’s progress and the development of packaging products that may soon achieve objectives that have been set. One example is the push to achieve 50% recycled content in corrugated fibreboard from the current standard of up to 30%.

As packaging science moves forward we expect to contribute to the trend toward lighter, stronger packaging materials with greater recycled fibre content and cost effectiveness. As we progress along this path the Paramount team will maintain and exceed our product quality standards without compromise.                

Trends include the growing demand for lighter containers with high impact graphics to be used as in-store merchandising displays. This is an area of creative development in which the Paramount team excels.