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"Paramount has strong understanding of the fast pace and ever changing needs of the garment industry. Tribal relies on Paramount to seamlessly supply our industrial packaging for various warehouses in Canada and the US; taking care of inventory management, logistics and customs. They offer great service, fast delivery and competitive prices."
Joe Vieira,
Shipping, TRIBAL INC

"Central Bernard is a custom processor of poultry products servicing major supermarket chain stores. We are committed to providing uncompromising service to the most exacting customers. Every action from processing to packaging has to be in sync. With Paramount's auto-replenishment program we never skip a beat. They take care of our corrugated inventory so we don't have to. We trust Paramount to ship top quality merchandise, delivered as required. Their flexible shipping/pick up hours allows us to meet our fast paced demands. Their service is unsurpassed."
Manny Vafiadis,

"Our relationship with Paramount goes beyond packaging. They are our go to for all warehouse related solutions. Being a 3rd party warehouse and packaging company, our needs vary and change with the needs of our customer. Paramount has the expertise and expansive product base to source the best solution for our customers."
Daniel Smedo
Vice President & GM, Client Solutions, METRO SUPPLY CHAIN GROUP

"Paramount has been an exemplary supplier to MIP for the past 8 years. MIP follows a Corporate Social Responsibility Vision. Under this vision MIP believes in doing business with reliable, loyal, quality and innovative suppliers with whom we can build strong, honest and mutually beneficial long term relationships. Paramount is a key MIP Vision supplier. Paramount's knowledgeable and professional team is always there for us, ready, willing and eager to go that extra step to help in any way possible. One of their biggest attributes is the service and quality they provide to their customers. Paramount's mission is to continually provide customers with simple, cost-effective packaging solutions. They have demonstrated this commitment time and time again over the years, both with our regular supplies or their creativeness whenever we need new product."
Costa Orlando
Manufacturing Director, MIP INC

"Moisson Montréal is a non-profit organization founded in 1984. It is the largest food bank in Canada. In 2013, Moisson Montréal embarked on Food Recovery Program; a first in its kind in Canada which recuperates donations from supermarkets. It was a challenge to find the right set up that would enable Moisson to track where the food was coming from and which date applied to each pick up. Moisson met with several packaging companies and there were various attempts at solving this challenge. It was Paramount who brought a new and innovative labelling product to our attention that was a key component in being able to professionally launch and grow our Food Recovery Program to what it is today. Thanks to Paramount we are proud to say that we have recovered 2.5 million kilos of food from various supermarkets in Montreal and we can now confidently move this project province wide. I appreciate the time, effort and experience that Paramount brings to the table."
Billy Provias
Procurement Director, MOISSON MONTREAL